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Hello Soul Project.

Words & photos by me.

If you’re ever in Laguna, take a peek inside The Soul Project. We recently got the chance to stop into this ever so charming southern California shop to chat with our soul friends. The team at Soul Project is made up of entrepreneurs, designers and artists that have come together to launch a simple and innovative apparel company that holds ‘socially conscious capitalism’ as their core cultural value.

After meeting Charlie, the friendly shop dog and customer favorite, we checked out Soul Project’s local graphic ‘printables’ and their ‘Local Artist Series,’ a limited edition product series that includes one-of-a-kind apparel items, quality prints and other unique pieces by local artists.

A dollar from every Soul Project item purchased flows on to local kinds and environmental charities based on where the item was purchased. Founders; Summer and Don Meeks, describe this concept as a grassroots way of supporting ‘Soul Places,’ or special places that captivate people, feel like home, and resonate in a way that other places don’t.

Thanks for welcoming us to the Soul Family!


Check them out at

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