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Idea: When it comes to shaping a future where mobility that is green, clean and shared, Vulog is the leader with its innovative shared mobility technology. To voice this, I created the ‘Share the journey’ campaign. Featuring brand centric videos and thought leadership content, the campaign showcased the people behind the tech and invited the audience to share the journey!

Concept development, script writing,  campaign coordination, ideation, branding, social media

Script writing.
Content development.

Idea: To position Vulog as a thought leader while strengthening relationships with industry players, I launched ‘The Shared Journey’ content series. The Q&A style series features new mobility influencers telling their stories pioneering innovative services an an uncharted industry.   

Influencer relations, editing, content development, graphic design, social media 

More work.
Event presence building.
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Content production.


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Idea: To refresh the brand’s external communications Vulog Connect was brought to life. First came the Vulog Connect newsletter. Featuring thought leadership articles, industry news and shared mobility launch information, the monthly email campaign strayed from the regular corporate newsletter format and aimed to provide interesting content from a B2B perspective.

Idea: Extending the campaign’s focus on building a community within the shared mobility space and giving entrepreneurs the tools needed to innovate and positively impact the world of urban mobility the Vulog Connect Workshop series launched at the Vulog HQ in Nice, France.


Community. Sharing. Best Practice.


Idea: Building a brand around Vulog Consulting involved developing the messaging for the new offer. I wrote the tagline: Tech to power your service. Insights to power your business. to tie the new offer to the well-established product Vulog is known for.   .


Tech to power your service.

Insights to power your business.

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